Thursday, July 21, 2011

Trudging on

I'm at a point of trying to decide if I'm going to keep with weight watchers another month or just use a free food tracker.  I'm not sure if one is better than the other, but I do like being able to see how much exercise I have done for the week in terms of points. I have begun to make sure that I exercise enough to cover whatever extra food that i'm eating above my 31 points and not touch the "free" points that they give me. No matter than I am not losing any weight still. I find that I don't mind so much anymore. My inches aren't shrinking either...However, the working out is paying off in spades. Liberty spun out on me last weekend and I didn't fall off. Today he spooked several times and my new core strength kept me from falling off.  He threw a little buck today and I stayed centered. So whether or not I lose another pound (I have lost a total of 7 since I started back in April) I can tell that my work is paying off.

I got to go to Alanna's place in the grasslands last night and ride with Vicki Fraser and Alanna. Annette Griffin and Deena Moore were to have come, but it didn't work out. It was so nice to leave the city behind, sit outside and gab and talk. I even ran a little with Vicki and the horses (very little b/c I got winded) but we had a nice walk around the pond on Alanna's 80 acres.  Today we got up early, at a big breakfast (emphasis on big) and went riding from 8 till about noon. we rode the yellow trail and checked out the new bridge. We took turns leading, mixed up the pace a little so that no one got overheated, but we did manage to hit every pond. Liberty did his best to cool us all off, but blessedly did not lay down. We shared lunch and we went our separate ways.

It seems like it took me forever to get home today...traffic and all, but it was worth it for the get away. 

I will work tomorrow and part of Saturday.  I will get up and lift weights and swim or run tomorrow. I'll try to hit a class on Saturday,but I have to do my CPR certification on Saturday morning, so it will be whatever I can fit in.  I need to step up my running, but I like the swimming so much more.  I will just have to wait and see.

I have 3 clients tomorrow for a total 4:30 music and massage combined. I have some new massage contracts I have picked up that start tomorrow, so I'm pretty excited about that as well. God has blessed me with more work!

Maggie and I are supposed to be meeting up with Christa and Michaela to ride a couple days next week as a mini-vacation. It happens that the days we're meeting up are project to be under 100 and possibly raining...I don't mind to ride in the rain in they don't. Christa and Michaela have been gone to California for almost 3 weeks. We have missed them.

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