Sunday, July 10, 2011


Last night we went to Johnnie High's country music revue in Arlington. It's just down the street from where we live. It's a country music show that has local talent, but has also helped to launch the careers of several country stars.  There was a singer there last night that was on the voice. his sister was singing in the show and he had come to hear her sing. His name is Patrick Thomas.  He was on his way to Nashville as of this am. He was pretty amazing. I also ran into one of my friends there. I found out she was there b/c she posted on facebook, and the little bubble came across Peter's phone. It was pretty funny.  Peter had been wanting to go to this place for ages.

We went to Babe's fried chicken for dinner first...and yes, I could have had grilled chicken, but why would i when their fried chicken is so tasty. However, I looked up the 'cost' in weight watchers for one fried chicken breast and it was 19 points. Geesh!  Oh well, I had planned to try it Lynne's way this week and have a cheat day followed by all good days. We'll see what happens with that.

I'm afraid I'm getting a cold. I have woken up with sore throat and goo in my lungs two days in a row. I'm hoping it's just allergy and I can hold it off.

Yesterday we saw off a good friend, Toni Roland, before she let for her move to New York.  The weekend riding and hanging out didn't go as well as planned since Toni's movers were slow to arrive and then Karen Haile had to work late Friday and then Teresa had a family thing to take care of, but we managed to mostly get it done.  We rode at Teresa's on Friday evening, just on the "soft" side of her place. We went into the Paluxi River and let the horses play in the water.  Liberty was very funny! He swam in the river, rolled over and dug up moss from the water and flung it everywhere. It was absolutely hilarious. Olympus is getting to be great on the trail. He walks calmly, takes his other gaits calmly and we even managed to work on a gate yesterday, though it took forever.  He never got upset about any of it though.  He just kept letting me put him back into the situation he wasn't crazy about and eventually settled and did what was asked.  He's such a nice horse!

We will really miss Toni in Texas! It was great to see her, but all too short. She is on her way to Bar 50 ranch. I wish I were going with her. She is going to wind her way to New York via bed and barns and riding. 

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