Sunday, April 24, 2016

Dad's Surprise

A week or so ago, my step mother, Shirley, called to see if I would come to visit Dad to surprise him for his birthday, which is Monday.  I usually hate to travel if I'm not taking horses somewhere to ride, since I spend so many hours in the car each week. However, due to rain and some other things that had occurred I happened to find myself free for the weekend.  Dad is due to have a balloon treatment done to the veins in one of his legs in a week or so too. It seemed like a good time to visit. I don't think I have seen him since last summer when he visited me at Von Holten Ranch in July. I don't remember the last time I saw Shirley. 

I decided to leave after work Friday and drive to Joplin.  I stayed at a Microtel, which was clean, and, well, Micro. I had never been in one before and it was nice. The rooms are tiny, as was breakfast, but those continental breakfasts never have much for me anyway. I ate some raisin brain and then went to Cracker barrel for some decent coffee and then headed onto Columbia.

When I got to Dad's house, I was parking the truck and I saw him out back, hat on, manning the grill. I back into the driveway, where he couldn't see me, and hoped that if he had seen me, he would just think I was a truck turning around.  I came into the backyard and he was absorbed in cooking steak (yum!). I said,  "Old Man, what have you been up to?"  He didn't turn around or glance up, he just said, "I'm just here cooking some steak."  I continued to walk toward him. He kind of glanced at me, but was very absorbed in his task and didn't really "see" me.  Then he looked again and got the biggest grin on his face.  He gave me a huge hug...totally surprised.  At first I thought somehow he'd found out, but he just thought I was my step sister, Jill. He looked up when he realized I didn't sound like Jill. 

Best surprise ever!

Then my Uncle Dan (his brother) and Aunt Jenny came over. I hadn't seen them since his 65th birthday party.  He will be 82 on Monday.  It was great to see them. Uncle Dan never changes. I swear he looks the same to me as he did when I was a little girl and he was my "fun uncle"

Great trip. Totally worth the drive.  Tonight I will go visit mom and then hit the road early on Monday to get home and work.

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TNTom64 said...

Great story! Please wish your Dad a belated happy birthday from me!
Tom Bagwell