Monday, April 18, 2016


I have seen the movie Inception many times. The thing that is fascinating to me about the movie is the layers of reality and fiction and how hard it is to tear down the different layers to the truth. I often feel that life is like this. Sometimes things are crystal clear and other times they are so muddled it's hard to know if I am in a dream or if I'm in reality.

Reality shifts so quickly. 1 minutes past seem so obvious only to be obliterated by a new piece of information that leads to a new truth. Then I begin to look at the situation with different eyes. I sometimes feel like Eve in the Garden of Eden after taking a bite of the fruit from the tree. Often I find that knowledge is a bad thing. I would much rather have the denial and piece of my lack of knowledge. Of course, knowledge is good because it helps us make the decision but sometime the decision you make with knowledge is not always the comfortable one.

I am amazed how something I was sure about a week ago has become murky and unclear. I also feel embarrassed for being so certain. How will I ever know if I can be certain again? How do I ever know if the decisions I'm making are the right one? This is all very confusing to me.

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