Tuesday, April 5, 2016

What's cooking?

About the only way I cook anymore is in my slow cooker. I do occasionally pick up cool salmon things from HEB but the slow cooker pretty much always wins. (As a sidenote, one of the best parts about living in Bluffdale and driving to granbury every day is getting to shop at HEB. They have the best produce the best homemade tortillas the best everything. Fortunately for cost savings there is also an also across the street. ).

Last night I impulsively picked up a flat of chicken breasts. This means I have to do something with the chicken breasts. I spent time researching today to find some crockpot the freezer meals that I can make without going back to the store. While buying chicken breast for $1.98 a pound is definitely a find, coming up with things to do with the chicken before it goes bad can be a challenge. I have found several simple freezer crockpot meals that I can split the breast into, chop up some of the fresh vegetables I bought and throw them into the freezer.

Unfortunately, this presents me with another challenge. I have an entire 10 pound bag of ice in my freezer because I don't have an icemaker. Ultimately it's dumb to worry about the bag of ice. I'm going camping in two days though and I keep thinking if I can just hang on and make it fit for two more days then I can just put it in my cooler. Ice is begun to be ridiculously expensive. I mean, come on people, it's just frozen water. Why is it like gold in cost?

So I think I found one meal to make tomorrow. It is called coconut chicken. Well that's easy. I have about 12 cans of coconut milk in the cupboard I have all the things the recipe calls for. However, it wants me to make a sauce after the chicken is cooked. I'm thinking, not. I think I will just throw all the ingredients in the slow cooker and set it up to cook while I'm gone tomorrow. And then of course I can't really just make it the way the recipe says. I; instead I have to monkey with a little bit. I'm thinking of adding some peanut butter and some extra red pepper flakes to go with the apricot jam. And I don't actually have apricot jam, I have mango apricot jam, but what the heck?

The other things I think I will make is called pepper chicken. Let me see: this calls for, chicken with peppers. Check, have all that in the house. There are couple other recipes I can make if I go get lemon or lime juice. Of course there's always the famous mushroom chicken which calls for mushroom soup and chicken. In any case I should have the chicken accounted for pretty quickly.

I've been going to make something on Thursday using some venison cube steak. I kept thinking I would make chicken fried steak but that's not happening. Instead I'm going to put it in the crockpot with onions and mushrooms and brown gravy sauce. These things will give me food for the weekend, food for the freezer, and food to take for lunch.

One of my goals for April is to eat out only very rarely. Unfortunately, I have eaten out twice this week. It wasn't on purpose, though. Honest! Yesterday I got a salad because I realized that the food I had brought for supper was suspect in a period today it was just because I wanted lemon pepper wings from wing stop. Well, and the food I brought to eat had not thawed out yet so that was kind of a problem. I'm working on coming up with cold lunches.

Today my food went great because I started out with a huge bowl of oatmeal. Thank you Kate love. I had remembered fond times of eating oatmeal at your kitchen table and it has spurred me to get back in the habit.I am also down 2 pounds from last week. Go me! This is a turning point since I have put on a few pounds since Christmas. My Christmas weight gain does not concern me terribly because it coincided with going back to the gym. I think I have been putting back on muscle because all the pants are actually still getting looser even though I have not gone down another size yet.

This weekend brings us to pull Canyon Ranch. It is probably my favorite place to ride. Maggie is coming to volunteer and we are bringing another friend to come check out the sport and to volunteer also. We will leave early Friday morning and come back early Monday morning. Maggie was okay to skip school but she has to be at work at noon. So Monday will come very early. Liberty is ready, as always. I am not, as usual. It has been a busy month and I have not written near as much as I would have liked.

Over the last six weeks I have discovered that some of the goals I had at the beginning of the year aren't as important as I thought they were. It's not that I'm not still interested in pursuing them I just think maybe next year will be better than this year. I'm still getting settled in to my new house and I love my house so much that I find I don't really want to leave. Traveling used to be so much fun but now when I get to the weekend all I can think of is collapsing in a puddle and watching agents of shield.

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