Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Cat Just Busted my Yoga Ball

My poor yoga ball was the victim of a terrible feline crime. While escaping from the dog, she jumped on the ball, and tore a small hole in the ball. I heard the air rushing out from the other side of the room. maggie picked up the ball to examine it and the whole thing exploded in her hands. Bye, bye yoga ball.

Today was a fun day. Maggie and I picked up Liberty from our friend Karen's and brought him to New Ground Farms. We walked him around and gave him a bath and just played with him...or rather, Maggie played with him. She wouldn't let me have him to play with him. Something about how he's supposed to be her horse. Grumble, grumble.

He was so funny. He wanted to be friends with the other horses, but they ran away from him. I expected him to be the one being chased, but they were running from him. He didn't know what to make out of Zoe, the mini, or Arnold, the pot bellied pig. He's such a good, sensible boy though. I think we'll have a lot of fun training him.

I had a nice, but short ride on Freeley. He was full of himself today. He bucked a few times and ran like a mad man. I made him angry trying to work on his sidepassing. He definitely is feeling his oats right now. I'm glad he's feeling better, but he was more manageable when his front feet hurt. Deli looked better today too as Liberty chased her through the field trying to be friends.

Tonight we went out to dinner as a family and went to see Little shop of Horrors at Theater Arlington. I found out about it b/c I while I was at lunch the other day, I found out a friend of a friend's boyfriend played the voice of the plant, so I was intrigued. His name Major Attaway and he was fantastic. I was talking to him on the phone b/c Darby, his girlfriend, said he had recently become a massage therapist and wasn't sure where to work. I told him about DSSW and Darby told me about the musical at the theater. It was really fun to have something to do as a family, all of us.

Tomorrow, I'm taking Maggie to the barn early so that she, Jena and Jennifer can clean the barn. They will share $60 for the work. Maggie doesn't really want to do it, but she does want the money, and b/c of Liberty, I want her to contribute in either money or labor, so that she understands how hard I work to maintain these horses (well and how hard Peter has worked for all this time) I'm going to supervise since Rob is in town and Jackie has plans. I told her that unlike the times when I've done the barn, I expect her to do it and I'm only the help. I will dump buckets and I'll probably clean the outside stalls, but I'm not doing the heavy lifting...ok, well, I guess all I'm doing IS the heavy lifting. I have students tomorrow so I'll be teaching while they are cleaning.

Hopefully we'll get home in time to watch some Smallville and hang out tomorrow night. It's likely to be a long, allergen filled day.

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