Sunday, September 2, 2007

The Sunday that Was

I spent the morning wishing that I could stay home. I headed to the barn as I was supposed to, take a lady on a trail ride. And I got rained out...what a bummer. This very nice woman, named Rebecca (names changed to protect the innocent and guilty) wanted to see if she could still ride a horse after 30 years. Of course she can ride a horse! She just isn't sure if her knees will hold out. She really wants to get a horse and ride again and I hope to help her see that she can. Our next opportunity will be on Thursday. I may find I've given myself too much to do that morning, but I'll give it my best shot. I'll be at the barn getting ready to leave for Maggie's first CTR anyway. I figure it will be good for the horses to have some riding before they are tossed in the trailer.

When I got to the barn today, I discovered that Kevin, the guy who used the other half of the same pasture my guys are in, had taken his fence down and was preparing to move his horses to his new property. My horses were so funny as they ran around the whole field. It was like they didn't quite know what to do with the extra space. I did notice some things he left behind that I hope he'll be taking down soon. There are rebar spikes in the ground near his run in shelter and I worry that my bozos will step on them. His horses didn't of course, my I still worry that mine could.

Maggie's 10th birthday was today. She spent it with Meg and Lori. They went out on the ocean and went tubing and it sounded like she had a lot of fun. We're going to throw her a surprise birthday party tomorrow at The Incredible Pizza Company. It will be fun b/c she really has no idea. Surprises are such fun!

She'll spend Tuesday and Wednesday night with her dad. I hope he'll take her to the barn so she can get in a little riding before the weekend. It's really been a blessing that Nicole uses her for so many lessons. It will help keep her fit.

This week begins the crazy preparation for Maggie's first CTR. I keep making list after list hoping I can get it all together before Thursday. I'm glad I gave myself an extra day for this one.

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