Friday, September 14, 2007

sleepy this am, needing a day off

I have let so much around my house slide this week. I really, really need a day alone. I won't get it...but I sure need it.

Maggie doesn't have school on Fridays. We all decided to sleep late, so it's 8:44 and he's still hanging around. They are having a pleasant conversation and playing a game. I feel the weight of everything I need to accomplish pressing down on me and I just want quiet. My house is a wreck, I have embroidery to do for someone, I have 2 clients to see today, I have notes to write before that. I'm just stressed and swamped feeling. Normally I embrace my Fridays, but today I just am so tired and want quiet and they are happily chatting away. I have not expressed my need for quiet b/c it's not fair to them. I know that I am being a cranky baby, so I just wait for this moment to pass. He'll leave for work soon enough and then I can have my quiet. My husband is such a great, nice man, I am loathe to hurt him when I have control. There are plenty of times when I lose my mind and hurt him without meaning to. I have work I need to accomplish and I don't feel like I can do it till he goes to of the pitfalls of sharing a home office if having your space infringed upon. Some day I want a house with my own space/office. The dynamics are just different when everyone is here. I can't even tell you why, but it sucks all the energy right out of my day when he's hanging around playing games and I need to be focused and energetic.

Tonight we're going to look at a horse that Maggie may be able to ride. I posted his baby picture at the top of this blog. He's 6 now, his name is Liberty. He was born on 9-12-01. I don't know if we'll do it or not, but it's a possibility. If we get him, Maggie will be cleaning the barn to earn a portion of his board. Jennifer, who is 12, is already doing it every Sunday. Jena, Cat's daughter, says she'd like to do it as well. If the three of them do the barn, then they would each get $20 but they would get done faster. Of course, we mom's would help some too, do mowing and bigger work. I still have to see it will all turn out. Honestly, I'm not sure I'll make her give up the money b/c I think earning her own money could be an important lesson. I also think that the sweat equity is just as valuable in learning how to take care of the horses.

I had better getting started on my work. He's still hanging out at 8:58 and if this continues I'll not get anything done all day.


Peter Yovich said...
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Peter Yovich said...

Sure blame me why don't you *wink*

I wish we could have the space where we both could have our own separate work spaces. But that will have to wait until I win the lottery I suppose.