Thursday, September 13, 2007

Empowering decisions

Today I made a decision! I decided that I would go to Maggie's school and do massages only 1 day per week. This means I will be paying them more money each month, but that's OK b/c I'm working more. We are only three weeks into school and Maggie is already complaining how little I'm home. I told her that we would all adapt and it would be fine. I need to work and we're finally getting things caught up and bills paid off. We finally have enough cash to take care of our needs instead of running to credit cards on occasion. It's a good feeling. I don't have to feel guilty if I go to a ride or a clinic. It's a good, good feeling. Did I mention it was a good feeling?

Still no word from Eric about Deli. I'm so hoping he'll take her and let her live there, which will free us up to have another horse to ride.

We're going to look at a new horse...Maggie may be doing the barn to pay for it if we decide to get him. Dumb, yes, but this is one of those good deals...we'll see what happens. She will be doing the chores to show me that she understands how much work there is to be done in a day. We'll see how long she stands up to the task. Of course, I will help, but she and Jena and Jennifer see ripe for the task. I'll be there to ride, trim, teach and supervise. It will be fun to watch my kid cleaning stalls for a change. Having a plan makes me feel so much better anyway.

Deli should get started on Marquis by Saturday. Freeley will get a trim this weekend and then he will be better.

Maggie is excited b/c she is going on the CTR ride next weekend. We are going to go to the Bigfoot Boogie with Cat, Jackie, Jena and Jennifer. Susan, Cat's friend, is going to ride Merlin too. IT should be quite fun. We're all going on a lark. I don't expect to do well at all on Skipper. I"d rather take Freeley, but I don't think I could bear not competing, so I'll go with something tried and true. I am riding Skipper and Maggie is riding Brody. I just hope that Skipper is in good enough shape. It could be a complete mess, but we'll all have fun

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