Monday, January 21, 2008

All about Liberty

Liberty is proving to me each day that he was a good purchase. He really uses his brain and tries to figure things out. I accidently got the blanket caught over his head and he never freaked out. He waited for me to get it off his head. When he didn't like his dinner b/c I put probiotic on it, he picked up the bucket and flung it and it's contents at me. when we did the obstacle course, he walked up to the chair I was supposed to lift and picked it up with his own teeth. It was great! I left him tied to the trailer and he did call quite a bit, but really was reasonable about standing tied for two nights. I figured out that he is not backing b/c he's really giving his face, but not his body, so I have to work on some of that stuff next. I think when I get him backing, then his stop and his downhill motion will improve a lot. He flexes so well that I think the next step is to show him to give more of his body and not just his face.

I also see how all this work I've been doing will benefit the other horses when I find the time to do the work.

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