Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Another day at home

It's cold and drizzly outside and Maggie is still recovering from her cold. No fever today, just stopped up and coughing. Her dad will be here to get her around 3pm and he wants a massage. I should be in the other room making it neat for the massage table, but I sit here at my computer, alternatively blogging and playing sims. Peter is still here having had a late start to his day. He's not feeling his best either, but I think he's getting ready to go into work. I have notes to write, but just realized that i have no more stamps, so I can't mail them anyway. It's too cold to ride, so here I sit. Cozy at my desk. Not a bad feeling really.

Yesterday I finally finished Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I'm going to start the Half Blood Prince as soon as I'm done reading Horse Harmony, about Equine Personality typing. Of course, I often listen to one book and read another at the same time.

Not much happening here today. Peter is going to get Maggie and myself some chinese food and then go to work.

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