Friday, January 4, 2008

LIberty and Freeley and riding for fun

I decided that since Cat and I do so much stuff together, she needed her own tag. I have no idea if she reads my blog or not, so I try hard to never say anything bad (just kidding). She is someone I spend a lot of time with and finally we have been able to ride together. I was trying to find a photo of Cat, but all I can find is a photo of her horse, so I include that too. Merlin is a percheron/andalusion horse who may be my CTR companion for the first half of this year. As you can see, he's kind of a big guy!

Cat and I went riding the other day. WE went out on the trail and Merlin, being the goober he is, decided to jump the first ditch and then commence to bucking when Cat didn't keep up with him. So, he ran home and we walked back. I feel off of him the same way the day this photo was taken. He's just really sensitive about his flanks and he wants to buck whenever he gets scared. I'm hoping some mileage will fix it. I know that if I fall off too many times I won't be keen to ride him much!

I have had some success working with Liberty in the past week. I went back to basics and groundwork. Renee helped in a couple lessons, but I have decided for myself that i like the longe work better. To me all the free longing just made him want to run and I like being connected more. So this week, I got him out and worked him in hand and then we went on a walk to explore scary things. He's a naturally curious creature, so it was more fun than scary all along. We ponied one day and he did that great, taking all his tips from "big brother" Freeley...but as in the above paragraph I had to come back early due to misfortune.

Today was my anniversary. Peter and I have made it 5 years this time and I think we're pretty happy (at least I am, hope he is too) We had massages and went to lunch at The Sanford House in Arlington, TX. My massage was just wonderful, though all too short. I've come to the conclusion that an hour just isn't long enough. Maybe I'll get an hour and a half next time. My massage therapist was named Adriana and she had a really nice pressure and didn't do a ton of kneading. Lots of slow pressure...unfortunately, I tend to stay too tuned in b/c I like to remember my time I'll try to drop off more. They have a Thai Massage I'd like to try next time.

Lunch was good, but not as fantastic as I'd hoped. I had beef dish that was rolled up with Feta Cheese and a nice sauce. I liked how the flavors blended together, but it wasn't spectacular like I'd hoped for. I'd eat there again as it was a nice place and the food was pretty good, but I was a little disappointed. On the menu they have a grilled cheese sandwich that sounds to die for...maybe that it is the way to go.

We've been home since playing on the computer and chatting. I may go give a couple massages tomorrow and read, or i may spend a lazy day at home. Hard to decide at this point b/c the weather is supposed to be fantastic, so it may be hard to pass up the outing. I had hoped to sit and read all these magazines that are in my basket and watch a movie, but I'm not sure I can keep myself indoors all day.


Catharine Myers said...

This is funny! I was just thinking about this the other day! Actually, He jumped the ditch, I thought and was prepared for him to step down into it, so when he launched, I came completely out of the saddle and landed on the back of his neck! He stood a second, the bucked, dumped me, and ran off laughing! A passing ambulance crew caught him, and met me with him on the way back. I was not hurt, but I was pretty embarrassed! In September it will be four years since I lost him. I still miss him almost every day.

Alice said...

I think about him too all the time.