Saturday, February 16, 2008

Rainy Saturday and Muddy Sunday

No lessons today b/c of the rain we had yesterday. This is the first Sunday in months where I haven't been out of town or teaching at the barn. I changed the one lesson I had today to tomorrow. I will be going to do a massage or two here in a little bit, but at the moment I"m still in my jammies.

Peter, Maggie, Jena (cat's daughter) and I have been playing with our American Idol Karaoke game. I have changed the judging to harder on my singing to make it more fair, but I still keep winning. Fun to win, but I wish that they would win sometimes. I even changed myself to random song so I could get songs I don't know...Poor peter got an even harder song on random than I did. Sometimes he just gives up and starts cutting up. I laugh so hard I cry. LIke now...he's singing "Don't let the Sun Go Down on Me" and it's really awful and I can't help myself. He is so much fun and tries so hard.

I got a couple songs that I don't know and I bombed too, so we're even.

Now the girls are starting a new game and we're all going to do it on random. I've promised to change my vocal judging to medium to level the playing field b/c even when I don't know a song I typically have a good enough hear to hear it. I can usually gather enough points by the end not to lose completely. Now it's set up for hte game to choose a random song...last round I cheated and picked different random songs for Peter since the one he got wasn't a good choice. Unfortuantely the one we ended up with wasn't in his range at all! It's been a fun day.

Tomorrow I hope to ride Liberty and teach my lessons. It will be a busy day to be spending with no school.

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