Thursday, January 1, 2009

Changing Face of my neighborhood

Who would have ever guessed when we moved here almost 7 years ago that eventually this stadium would loom over us? But here it is, getting bigger every day and now the neighborhood around us is disappearing behind chain link and barbed wire fence. Where the above photo was taken used to stand the Texas Christian Academy and Bethel Baptist Church. The church burned and the property was sold very soon after the fire. Between us and the stadium only stands the Days Inn and a few restaurants on this block, and 3 blocks of houses and one block of business/restaurants on my block.

The entire first block of my street has been purchased by the folks either building a parking lot for the stadium or by investors hoping to build hotels. I'm all for the houses being bought up at fair prices and I hope that the offers will soon be coming my way. I sure don't want to live here once the stadium is built. Even people who swore they'd not sell have sold out and left. Only one house on the corner is still holding out and the fence surrounds all but that house. It appears that this one house still has someone living in it or in process of moving out as they have cars in the drive and a gate in and out of their property.

I can't even imagine what the neighborhood will look like when these houses are gone. The trees are so old and the houses have had so much character. Soon it will be gone and noisy trucks will be tearing down the houses and hauling them away bit by bit.

I'm sure they will take our block too, but I get anxious waiting for it to happen. I chastise myself daily for having debt to pay off when the house sells instead of being able to turn the entire purchase into a new home. I hate that I may have to pay capital gains taxes on the profit (can't remember the tax laws on that one) and that I may have to rent until I find just the right place to live again. I want to live in the country this time, but find the country to be very expensive here...unless I found another 10 acres that just happened to come with a house like I had in that, I could afford.

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