Saturday, January 3, 2009

Laryngitis Observations

I have been suffering from loss of voice in one way or another since the beginning of November. I have been on prevacid twice daily because the doctors really think that it's caused by reflux coming up and burning my vocal cords. I have been told to lose weight and it will go away. I have joined weight watchers (i'm actually 2 pounds heavier than when I started, joy) and I have been working out (again, 2 pounds heavier...must be muscle weight, right? NOT)

In the last few weeks the laryngitis has gotten worse and worse and not better at all. I finally decided to take a different action than the one the doctors were recommending and go with what Dynamite recommended instead. (An aside...Dynamite is a company that offers animal and human products and I have been a representative for a couple the products and use them as much as possible, even though some of them are a bit pricey--but well worth the money) I have been increasing my stomach acid because according to homeopathic medicine the reason that we get reflux is that we don't have enough stomach acid to digest the food, so it sits in our stomach and causes us to reflux. I also have been suspicious that my voice has been bad due to allergies, so I have been trying to boost my immune system. As an experiment, I quit taking my antihistamines and prevacid and the last two days I have been better. I'm going to try to track my progress and see how it goes.

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