Friday, January 23, 2009

I had lasik today

I joined the ranks of Lasik enhanced eyes today. I had been wanting to get it done for a couple years now, but it finally became affordable enough and I was able to get financing on it plus use Peter’s flex spend plan at work. I called up the center I had chosen yesterday and they were able to fit me in for an appointment. Then today they had surgery and were able to fit me in right away. I figured since it’s supposed to be chilly all weekend, it was a good time to get it done. I will stay in the next couple days with Cat, peter and Maggie taking care of the ponies and then by Monday I can ride again as long as I wear goggles if it’s windy. I also have to sleep in goggles so that I don’t rub my eyes. I have to go in the morning for a one day check up. The whole thing lasted about 2 minutes. It was amazingly fast. They gave me a valium before I went in (which I didn’t notice doing much) and then a sleeping pill so I could come home and rest in the afternoon. Cat took me and then took Maggie with her for the day so I was alone and I slept from noon till 5pm. I woke up pretty much able to see everything, except that the edges are foggy. By tomorrow I’m supposed to be 20/20. It was pretty amazing! My eyes feel a little scratchy right now, but I am to put drops in my eyes every hour today, which I have been doing faithfully.

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