Monday, January 12, 2009

Dish Network

My dish went out last week and we didn’t even notice.  I went to watch Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice from last week and realized that the dish had been out for goodness knows how long.  I have to be here tomorrow for the dish guy to come fix it, but it did get us to thinking…How much TV do we really watch? The answer is: Not Much!  I like to watch it occasionally, but typically I will play with my computer, read a book or just do other things rather than watch TV.  We think about pulling the plug on dish, which means I could save a service call tomorrow. We did get a card in the mail for basic cable for $10/month for a year. I wish I had more time to think on it and decide. The Dish guy will be here tomorrow and as much as I like the idea of having TV to watch, truth be told, I get just as much from Netflix, or watching the shows I like for free on…I’m going to be doing some thinking.

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