Sunday, January 18, 2009

Today was the perfect day

The weather was beautiful and I headed over to the field to work on the fence. I discovered late yesterday that it wasn't hitting worth a hoot and I couldn't figure out why. After I did some trouble shooting with Shawn's help, I was able to go back today and start to break down the trouble and find a solution. I could never have done it so efficiently if Terry Norman's help. (Terry is engaged to my friend Dee from High School--actually Terry is a friend from HS also. They will be getting married in June and she will be moving here. Terry has been here since just after he graduated from Liberty HS and it's been a blessing to reconnect with old friends.) He stood by the fence and turned it off and on for me as I tested each sections and tied parts back together. In the end I discovered that the charger was sending out a powerful signal and that I just had drag somewhere. I ended up disconnecting the bottom wire so that only the top wire is hot now. I also changed out the metal wire for polywire, since it can fold back on itself and not short out the fence. I left the bottom wire in place so that it looks like there are two hot wires, but I got it boosted up to 5.5 kv. It was hot enough that when I turned out Otto (Cat's possible new horse) he noticed it and stayed away, which was great. Terry and his fourteen year old son, Robert, also helped me move my round pen several feet away from the fence so that the horses can safely go all the way around it without getting stuck. I had never liked where it was but it was hot when I bought it and I had never had enough hands to help me get it moved before b/c it's darn heavy.

While all this efficient working was taking place, Maggie, her friend Kelsea, and Terry's kids were all happily riding horses and playing in the hay bale. They had so much fun. Kelsea rode wtih maggie and she never got tired of riding. I had to peal them off the horse! This made me very happy. Kelsea's cousin also rode Deli in the round pen.

The only thing that would have made the day even better was getting to ride myself. I plan to ride tomorrow as it's going to be beautiful. I want to work on stuff from the Doctor Deb clinic since I haven't gotten to ride all week. (or finish blogging about the clinic) So much better than this week last year when Maggie and I were both sick and then I was so depressed. We have so much sun here this year and I feel so much better! Kelsea and her cousin are going to come back tomorrow.

Cat's not sure what to do about Otto, the OTTB. He's very sweet and I think he'll be a nice horse, but she doesn't want to fall for the wrong horse again and I applaud her efforts. I just don't know what to tell her. He's going to be tricky to start and he's fast and he's a TB. He is very sweet though.

I'm hoping that Kelsea and Maggie can continue to work on their friendship. She loves to ride, she's so physically active! That would such a blessing to see the two of them grow in friendship.

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