Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Crazy Day off

Today was the big day to have my new lasik surgery checked out. I came out 20/20 and I was very pleased. I was going to run to the doctor and then the grocery store and then come home and do paperwork. Well, all good plans seem to have a failure built in :-( One of my friends who I hadn't seen in awhile asked me to breakfast. I hopped on that...still time to do my shopping, right? Then I remembered that today was my day to pick up my organic veggies, so I had to pick those up, and then I remembered that I needed toner for my printer, so I could write my notes when I came home, so I stopped off for that too. Then I went to the grocery store, which, with my new system took longer, but saved me a ton of money. I have got a car load of groceries for $168 using specials and coupons from The Grocery Game. I also picked up a few things so I'd have complete meals this week.

So, after all that, I unloaded groceries and repackaged the meat and prepped for dinner. Then I turned around and it was 5pm and I have yet to actually do any of my paperwork yet.

I'm finding that I really do need one day a week just for me. Whether I use it to do housework, or ride or (fill in the blank) I'm finding that it's really a good thing to have some "free" time.

Going to make supper now...didn't get to see the horses today as I had to stay out of the sun.

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