Monday, June 29, 2009

Trace Trails

Maggie and I had the pleasure of riding the Trace Trails in Athens this weekend. I had been hearing about them from so many people and was eager to check them out as I think it would be a great site for a NATRC or STC/TTC ride in the next year or so. We went down on Saturday night late with Robin Timmons, who is an endurance rider. We rode out about 8 or so and came in after dark. Maggie said it freaked her out riding in the dark but I found I really liked it. Liberty was eager and forward and only spooked once at some unknown booger. We slept under the stars on our cots as it was too hot to sleep in the truck. The next morning we got up and rode before it got too hot. The trails are all sandy and pleasant. They have lots of ups and downs and are mainly in the trees. There are over 40 miles of marked trails at Trace. It was really great.

Unfortunately Dixie got overheated even though our pace was pretty slow. She began to pant and we walked in to give her a rest. We hosed, e-lyted and let her rest. She was always interested in food and her gums stayed moist and pink. Even after we hauled her home she was still panting. Her temp was also normal. Maggie was pretty worried about her as she has never done this before.

We're also still fighting girth gall issues. Maggie thought she's found a saddle they both liked but Dixie continues to gall.

I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has dealt with panting and it's causes. She was sweating and drinking and eating so we are puzzled.

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