Thursday, June 11, 2009

Vacation This Week

I have been on vacation this week and I can't believe how quickly the week has flown by. Monday I took Deli to a Christian riding camp called the Flying G Ranch She will stay for the summer and if she works out as a lesson horse I will donate her to the camp permanently. Tuesday Maggie and I hung out in the am and watched TV and played with Sims 3. We're really into Bones right now and I still like to watch ER. I have them on the DVR. In the afternoon we ran errands and went hiking on the horse trails near our horses. I wanted to scout them before we rode the horses down the road to the trails. Yesterday Maggie went to her dad's and I took Bonnie down to get a haircut from the lady I bought her from. We were going to ride (I didn't haul down to her house as I was going to ride Freeley) but I forgot my helmet and Bonnie took forever to be trimmed, so we hung out, trimmed, chatted, went to lunch, trimmed and chatted some more. Then I drove home in a terrible storm, which was no fun. Today Maggie and I got adjusted at the chiropropractor and then had pedicures. We checked on the horses in the rain storm and then came home. maggie is packing to go to Nantucket and I have been surfing and watching reruns of ER. Tomorrow I go to a trail challenge by myself. It will be weird not to have Maggie with me.

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