Monday, June 8, 2009

On Parking and the summer heat

I have a huge pet peeve. I have a parking place at my barn and it's painted off as a no parking space for me. Today I showed up and a huge truck was parked in my spot. I couldn't pull straight into my field to get my trailer b/c it was backed in so far that the hitch was in my way. I went into the guy who owns the problem, it was a patient (he's a chiropractor) and he was leaving. So then I come back later, and there is another truck in my spot...not backed in just quite as far so I could get in and out, but still there. Not a patient...probably a worker at the other business as I was there an hour and no one came out. So, tomorrow back to ask the land lord and the other renters to stay out of my parking space. The land lord said I could have it and I have been there longer than the other people. I realize this sounds really silly, but the lot is really full and there is no where to park. My spot is in the shade is ideal so I get why they park there, but it interferes with my ability to get in and out of my field and that upsets me. I hate the idea of showing up to haul somewhere and being stuck on the outside b/c someone parked in my spot and kept me out...Like I said, just a pet peeve and needed to vent.

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