Tuesday, June 30, 2009

So much to do, so little time

Cat's son was rushed to the ER yesterday. At first they thought that he had been given a drug called GHB, since he had many of the symptoms of this drug, but after he became coherent he remembered his day and he hadn't eaten or drunk anything that wasn't his own. They decided today it must have been heat stroke. They couldn't check for the drug as they said the ER lab didn't have the ability to test for it. It's a date rape drug and it's known as Liquid X or Liquid Ecstasy. It can sometimes be given along with a drink or candy and kids might not know it's been given to them.

Today is my "desk day" It's the day I run errands and pay bills. My bills are way backed up...so I guess that means next I will have no money once I pay them, but hey, that's why I work. I had the guy come to mow my field this am and that took a lot longer than it should have.

I got to play with Fiera for awhile when I was at the field. She was very ornery. I decided that I need to review some of my foal/yearling materials before I proceed. She has begun to kick out if you push her away and she's very pushy. I spent most of my time this morning working on the yoyo game to get her out of my space. She was a very quick study, but she became offended when I would ask her to leave my space and then try to reel her back in. Little goober wanted to stay away. Then I worked a little on circling and giving the hind quarters. This didn't go very well. She kept running into me forcing me to move my feet before starting her circle. Since I lose when I move my feet, and I lose if she plows me down, I think I will have to start here. I may call Jennifer up and have some lessons to get us started. Since she's just a yearling, I don't think I can work with her long at a time, but I'm definitely seeing some very obstinant characteristics. She's sticky and doesn't move...unless it's her idea. I did finally get her to move around me in a circle without plowing me down and I did get her to back away from me and face me, but I haven't really gotten her to yielding her hind quarters when I ask her to. But, I didn't want to make it too much work, so I let it go for the day when I got what I wanted a couple times.

I'm wondering if ground work with a yearling qualifies as aerobic exercise? She gave me a serious workout. She's really grown lately and I can see I need to spend more time teaching her to be more respectful. One of the things I have been doing today while I pay bills is listening to my Clinton Anderson DVD on Foals and Yearlings as a refresher course.

I have been sorting out papers on my desk, paying bills and feeling slightly depressed. I have money coming in, but it's not here yet...bills are due...it's just one of those things that happens from time to time.

I have been contemplating how much I enjoy being off work on Tuesday while Maggie is at her dad's. I would very much like to have a day to myself like this next year and not have to go to springtown. However, I also have a hard time turning down the $200/week of pay that I get from them. I'm just thinking at this point. I'm sure I won't give up the school.

I have been watching reruns of ER on TNT. I have been enjoying them, but think I might be getting tired of it. I don't have room on my DVR for other stuff anymore. I have seen them all before. I just wanted to watch through to get to the ones I hadn't seen.

Due to Maggie's horse having trouble with the heat, I think we're going to have to stay home this weekend. I dread having to cancel. I know the ride needs riders and we were really looking forward to going. I just don't want to risk Dixie's health putting her in a hot trailer to and from the ride. Maggie has another horse to borrow if the girth gall doesn't heal before the weekend (another reason not to go) and we decide to go riding.

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