Friday, June 12, 2009

Maggie at the Airport

Maggie and Peter are at the airport. I just heard from him that it is so crazy that even though they were there 2 hours early, he may not be able to get her on her flight. Also, there are no other flights to NY today to get her to Nantucket. It's ugly all the way around. The flight was even late...Meg and Lori (Maggie's grandparents) are helping him sort it out. They say since she's an unaccompanied minor she might be able to get on earlier. Another attendant told Peter that they would begin to pull the people for this particular flight, but Peter says it's so jammed that he doesn't see that actually happening. He told me to go ahead and go...I'm just praying she makes her plane.

I am headed out to my trail challenge. I'm nervous about leaving while her situation is up in the air, but Peter told me to take off, so here I go...

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