Friday, September 25, 2009

Medifast day 3

Today was a reasonably easy start. I think my body is getting used to the reduced calories. I had to have my bloodwork drawn, so it was 9am before I had my first shake and I feel pretty good. I have had my coffee and am getting ready to go see a client. I wanted to take Maggie with me, but she feels like being home, so I gave her reading to do and she is going to do a few house chores. I will be home early afternoon and then I have to take in my truck to have one of the tires repaired and go see another client this evening. It's been a productive week. Tomorrow we plan to go riding. I hope that I do ok with the reduced calories and increased exercise. Honestly, I'm prepared to eat a healthy snack if I need more food tomorrow...something like eggs or turkey, nothing high carb. I'll just have to play it by ear.

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