Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Weigh In

My weigh in netted me a total loss of 8 pounds this week, my first week on the plan. I'm not sure it really was a full 8 pounds b/c they weighed me on one scale, and maybe I was wearing heavier clothes? Not really sure. But from now on, I'm going to wear the same clothes each Tuesday till I can't wear them anymore, to get an accurate reading. I'm pretty excited. I'm not in ketosis yet, as a couple of my "cheats" are keeping me out of fat burning, so this week, I will watch my extras a little better. I'm still taking in less than 80 grams of carbs each day, so I suspect my body is just a bit resistant.

I got 7 boxes of food today. I decided to get a box of snacks for the trail and a box of oatmeal for variety. Turns out I can make muffins with the oatmeal, which I will probably do for the ride this weekend b/c that will make an easy breakfast. I also got some crunch bars, which I will save for the weekend. They tell me the cappacino is good, so I'm trying that also. And I got a box of banana pudding. If I don't lose enough weight this week with the higher calorie items (these are 110 vs 90) I will drop back next week and try to have something a little lower, like more shakes.

I asked them what I should do about the weekend since I will be expended so many calories riding. Their answer was not to do it. I told them that wasn't really an option! So, I can have an extra snack, or an extra shake or eat more veggies...but no carbs. sigh...I'm going to be missing bread, but it's ultimately worth it.

I realized I never blogged about Robber's Route. I will try to rectify that later.

Off to get a new tire for my trailer. Fun, fun.

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