Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday, Day 5

Today started out in a big rush. Jena spent the night with Maggie and I had to get the girls out for church at 8:30. The a/c was busted in the sanctuary. So, it was warm. Jena was sleepy and the pastor overheated. They had the second service in the fellowship hall, where the a/c was working. Peter was the assistant minister for today's service and he was also cantor. He did a great job. His tone quality and pitch memory are coming along as he becomes less nervous with the job.

I decided to eat lunch today instead of summer. It worked out well, but I did eat a little more, and a few things off plan. I still only totaled 1100 calories for the day and I did walk for 20 minutes, so I'm hoping that will counter act some of what I ate that wasn't correct. WE went to our favorite hamburger joint. I had a mushroom swiss burger, hold the bun. I added extra mushrooms, ate no fries and had a side salad. It was very satisfying. We ate about 2pm and I wasn't hungry for a shake until about 6:30. I still have one more shake to go, which I will have before bed. I'm proud of myself b/c I didn't eat any bread or any of Peter's french fries even though he offered me one. At this point in the game I'm better off not eating anything sweet or carby. I like that stuff way, way too much.

When we went to check on the horses, we found that the horses behind us were in our field again. I walked over to find out who I needed to talk to get the fence fixed, but no one who lives in the house has anything to do with the pasture. I called the girl who used to be behind me, and she said she'd try to round up some phone numbers, but not to hold my breath. Peter and I fixed the fence with what we had to fix least they will have to go through a solid object to come over now. But, I do worry someone will get hurt. I don't want mine going over there anymore than I want them over at my place. I have hay, so they are coming over to eat my hay. If it keeps happening, I will probably lodge a complaint with the police department. I'd really rather not do that if I don't have to. It won't engender good will.

Maggie went to Hurricane Harbor with a friend's daughter and had a nice time. Peter and I came home and watched an old British Comedy we like called Allo, Allo. It was funny. Now I'm procrastinating writing my notes by writing in my blog. I need to be going through the laundry on my bed as well. I don't see myself doing that either.

Tomorrow Maggie and I will go riding with our friend Robin at Six O Ranch in Cleburne. I may be buying some fencing to fix the back just in case my friends come back over yet again. Maggie will do her math in the car while we drive. It's going to be such a nice day tomorrow.

I weighed on the Wii fit this am and I am down 5.3 pounds since last Tuesday when I weighed on the Wii before going to Medifast. That was really exciting!

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