Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ride this weekend and making an effort to stay on task

I realized tonight, while I was preparing my salads and chicken for the Region 4 Benefit Ride this weekend, that I can't drink gatorade on my current plan. It has too much sugar and would totally throw off my sugar levels. Oops...glad I thought of it before I cracked open a bottle. I have Dynamite Elixir and that's what I'll use instead, but I'm really happy I thought it out ahead of time. It would be just like me to screw up accidentally, not really planning and sabotage myself.

Tonight Liberty tried to choke on me again. Well, I guess he did more than try. It lasted longer than usual, and I even called the vet b/c he didn't pass it like he usually does. Normally, he'll cough a little and go right back to eating, but not tonight. I used all my Dynamite remedies (relax and release) and that usually does the trick, but tonight I cold water hosed him. IT seemed like he coughed most of the stuff up right away, but he kept having spasms for a good while after. Eventually he started bossing Toots around and I knew he was OK. I left him in the round pen with no food and lots of water tonight. He'll be itching to get out by morning. I can never let him have even one bite of dry food. I hadn't soaked it. Usually I add a little water after I give it to him, but tonight just shows that he can't take even one bite without it being mush.

I cheated on my diet tonight...I'm not normally a stress eater. I didn't eat while I was stressed, but since I have started Medifast I have been eating in a very organized way. I wasn't home and didn't have an extra meal with me. I ate 6 almonds and a handful of "trucker's trash", but I stopped there and didn't keep going. I was just so hungry at the time, but of course, it was probably relief at Liberty being OK too.

I spent part of the evening making my meals for the weekend. I proportioned my chicken and packaged it for the cooler. I packed double so Maggie could have some if she wanted it, plus a little extra if I found I was just too hungry not to eat real food. I'm bringing cans of green beans for my cooked veggie fetish, though I really hope there is something at the potluck I can eat on Saturday night. I have salads packs for both days. I also made salads for Maggie. She isn't so keen on salad, but if it's all there is, she'll eat it. She's lost a couple pounds too, since I started the diet b/c there isn't a lot of junk around. I guess she'll have to finish off the rice krispy treats in the truck :-) Love those things!

Off to bed. I have to get up early so I can go let Liberty out of the round pen tomorrow before work.

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