Monday, September 28, 2009

Nice riding, almost one week

I weighed this morning and it looks like I will be getting in my full five or six pound loss tomorrow I think. I'm so happy. I can see where my sodium was really high before and how that was really holding me up. I'm logging all my food in sparkpeople and it wouldn't allow me to lose 65 pounds by February 23. I had to move the goal out to May 23 before it would give me a calorie range of 1200-1400.

Tonight I made the best chicken for dinner! I put lemon pepper on it and lemon juice. At the end I'm made a sauce of white wine and I thickened it tiny bit of flour. It was really, really good. I also sauteed mushrooms and zucchini together. I only used a tiny bit of the sauce b/c this diet is low fat and low carb, so I don't want to mess up my fat burning. After dinner I had my treat of a sugar free popcicle.

Today I realized how much Peter's boredom eating has affected me. He will go into the kitchen and start prowling. I never realized that I would often get "hungry" along with him. He would prowl, I would think about what time it was, or start thinking about eating. Last night he was doing it and I asked him if he was hungry. He wasn't, but he wanted food. He went after the chocolate chips in the cabinet. I asked him not to eat them b/c Maggie was going to use them to make cookies.

I'm finding that it's really a lot easier not to eat at all, even when hungry, than to try to regulate my eating. I'm learning again that I need less food than I thought I needed in the past.

We had a great ride at Six O today. We left Fiera alone in the pasture and she didn't go nuts and break any fences, so that was great. She's learning to be independent at an early age.

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