Saturday, September 26, 2009

Medifast day 4 and a busy Saturday

I have been doing great so far. I have already lost about 5 pounds according to my home scales. Tomorrow I hope to weigh on the Wii fit before getting ready for church b/c it's the most accurate to go with the scales at the Medifast center. Today has been really hard. I have been hungry all day. I'm learning to just not eat. I spent a good deal of time cross stitching tonight and watching TV with Maggie and Jena. I cooked an early supper and have been sipping tea until I got hungry around nine, when I had my last shake. I'm consuming about 800 calories per day right now, so pretty small amounts. I did eat my extra snack today, which was a small sugar free snow cone. IT had about 15 calories in it. I'm learning that I don't need the huge amounts of food that I thought I did. I'm surviving quite well. I'm also discovering that while I'm not a stress eater, I'm definitely a boredom eater. I didn't even realize how much I liked to munch just b/c it was there. I definitely am learning what real hunger is. Knowing I have no options of what to eat is really comforting. I drink my shakes every 2-3 hours and I get hungry in between and it's just how it is. I washed my popcorn pan and there isn't any corn in the house (my biggest weakness) Maggie has been making s'mores in the microwave and that about did me in. I had Peter put the fixins way up high! I think that when I can have real textures again next week, it will be good. I'm a little nervous about the CTR next weekend b/c I'm going to expend more calories than I'm used to. I'm not sure how to handle that event and will have to talk to my counselor about it on Tuesday. I want to eat enough food to stay afloat for the exercise, but I don't want to "cheat" i want to have a plan.

The vet came today to check everyone's teeth and to vaccinate. It was pretty much a non-event. Thank goodness I didn't need any teeth floated. I almost have last year's bill paid off (I had a few extra medical road bumps along the way) and I hated to have to add anything else to it. But, we have travel plans coming up so everyone needed a coggins.

Jena came to hang out today and the kids worked out at the Y while the vet was in. I walked 20 minutes in the field, fixing fences, etc. The neighbor's horse, Pocono had come to visit again, but when I went to catch him, he ran from me, straight back into his own field. I think he just likes my grass better.

Tomorrow is church. Maggie may go to Hurricane Harbor with a friend. It's the last day they are open this year. I'm actually trying to expend as little energy as possible this first week, though hopefully by next week, I can start adding exercise back in. I'm missing it.

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