Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Tribute to Liberty

My friend Karen, and breeder of Liberty, my awesome horse wrote the below and I wanted to share it. Without her stallion/mare "accident" he wouldn't exist.

A Tribute to Alice and Liberty

Isn't it interesting how "mistakes" turn out? You see, Liberty is the
product of two breeds that one would logically not think of mixing. The two
breeds are total opposites in their gaits. The Paso Fino is bred to have a
short quick stride and the Arab flows in long, ground covering strides.
However, both breeds are similar in their temperament. They both possess
heart, stamina.and brio. They will go and go for you. They are quick and

Liberty's sire was a beautiful, bold Paso Fino. He had the smoothest gait.
It was so thrilling to ride him and have his luxurious mane, that was at
least a yard long, whip along beside you. He was not afraid of anything on
the trail. Rabbits could jump out or birds could fly up and he would be as
steady as can be.You could take him anywhere and away from other riders. He
was not dependent upon any other horse. He was brave on the trail and
successful in the show ring. He would have been great at distance competition.
Unfortunately, he died as a result of a tragic accident at only 7 years
of age.

Liberty's mother is an elegant, demure, Arabian of Polish lines. She was
used primarily as a brood mare and was not ridden in competition. However,
the Polish horses are known for their athletic abilities and devotion.

Liberty was one of the most beautiful colts I had produced.He was so
balanced and fluid. He was striking in his black and white coloring. Just ask
Alice to see his baby pictures! He inherited boldness, integrity, and
quickness from his sire. From his mother, intelligence and refined beauty.
From both-heart, stamina and great feet. I now think that the two breeds
combined to make a great endurance horse!

Liberty was definitely not a finished horse when Alice bought him. He had
been raised well and taken care of. He understood the saddle and blanket,
tied and loaded well, and understood the longe. However, he had been
mounted only a few times, and had never been off the farm. But, he was mature
and ready to go under serious training.

Alice took this very green horse and worked hard at training him. She
worked through several training issues with courage and tenacity. In addition,
she was not afraid to reach out to the community to ask for advice. It
is no surprise that she has reached this level of success. Now, as Liberty
and Alice embark on their next level, (50 milers) I am sure that we will all
hear about many more accomplishments.

I salute Alice and her award for Liberty as the #1 Half Arab of 2009.


Karen Haile
Rancho del Rayo

Karen has great horses and she has been reducing her herd some...anyone who reads this...I can probably get you guys in touch with her. She has some beautiful animals.

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