Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Getting ride of clutter

I'm in a state of wanting to get rid of things. I just listed our large sofa on craig's list to get it out of here. It's just too big for the room. It was a terrible purchase, but hey, at least we paid cash for it, and it wasn't too expensive.

We're going to go to Ikea and get something smaller that we can also use as a guest bed. Peter and I take turns sleeping on the sofa b/c of my snoring so I figure this is a good way to work it out. at least it will be a "real" bed. I think we're going to get a nice futon. He wants to get a sofa bed, but I'm thinking a futon will be more affordable. If I have to, we'll get rid of the couch, put the money in savings and just sit in our comfy chairs for awhile and I can open a cot at night. I really don't mind. I just want less stuff.

I'm on an ebay kick as well! I've been going through my old horse stuff trying to get everything I won't use sold. I use it to pay my credit card bills sooner.

I'm getting ready to do a bunch of sewing and embroidery as well. I ended up not seeing my morning client b/c I'm still coughing and thought I'm sure I'm healthy, the child is immune suppressed so Mom says "stay home"

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