Saturday, March 27, 2010

I have accomplished so much...

Since I blogged this am, I have cleaned, cooked, cleaned some more and done Shawn's taxes. I also showered, worked out (not in that order) and am working on my billing for work for the week. Then I sew and sew...I don't know why I'm procrastinating the sewing b/c I really do enjoy it. I have ordered us a pizza and I will head over to the field and feed and probably ride for a little while before dark. I want to practice my Dr. Deb techniques alone with no distractions.

Maggie problem won't be riding with me tomorrow. She has a terrible cold and seems to feel really crummy. She is leaving for FL on Tuesday for her yearly trip with her dad so I want to get her well as soon as possible. Poor kid. She survived Peter being sick the first time, but when he brought it home this next time she couldn't escape.

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