Tuesday, March 9, 2010

How Is This Possible?

Having a slow start to my morning which is odd b/c I got up really early. I think I missed my early morning opportunity to get busy and active. Somehow I managed to gain 2.6 pounds over the weekend...I rode 50 miles over 2 days and I really ate very little b/c I wasn't actually hungry with all the exercise. Granted, it could be water weight, but COME ONE! maggie gained 3 pounds too and was about in tears.

I still can't work out b/c I'm still coughing...I guess I can lift some weights this week, but no heavy breathing to my asthma calms down.

Gotta do a week of Medifast hard core and knock it off. I have to go and weigh in at week's end, but really dread it. It's been hard to go weigh in much lately b/c my schedule has changed and they aren't open on Fridays. I think the most money I have ever wasted was on the Medifast Center. I think the diet is awesome, but I wish I had just bought the stuff online. I didn't find the support helpful. If anything, I found it nagging and annoying. That was an expensive mistake...stupid tax indeed.

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