Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Miss Fiera's Brains

Jim Edmondson was talking about his 2 year old filly Fortuna and I realized I needed to relate a Fiera Story. She is way, way, way too smart for her own good. While I was gone to the Dr. Deb Bennett clinic this past weekend, Fiera decided that the neighbors were a lot nicer than we were were. I had taken Liberty and she was home alone with Dixie, who I guess just isn't exciting enough for her. So, she went through the fence and hung out next door where the people were. Peter brought her back and put her in the round pen till I got home yesterday. I let her out at noon and at 4pm I got a call that she was back visiting her new friends. When I went to get her back yesterday, she was obstinate about leaving the other field. She really likes it over there. I ended up circling her down the field while walking back toward the round pen. The fence needs to be repaired and tomorrow I hope to run down to Mansfield and pick up some panels so I can fix the most crucial sections. I'm just glad she's not going out the front. I'm going to have to do some emergency repair work. The bad part is that the electric fence is on and so hot it made Maggie cry. She just doesn't care. She appears to just go right under it and then bunny hops the lower back "solid" fence. This is definitely an instance of smart being dumb.

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