Monday, March 1, 2010

A lovely, relaxing way to waste a day

Today was a very slow day for me. I have a cold. Not a really bad cold, but an annoying cold that tickles my throat and makes me cough and sneeze. It has taken away my voice and forced me to reschedule one appointment today. Another got canceled b/c the girl I see has immunity issues and my cold would be bad news for her! The other boy was sick too so couldn't see me. So, this am, I got up, got a massage, went to the chiropractor (all at once) and fed the horses in the rain. Then I came home and did schoolwork with Maggie.

We worked well into the afternoon, watching it rain, having a fire in the fireplace. Then I started to play with my Sims. I haven't spent a lot of time playing Sims 3 b/c I just have so darn much to do. Of course, there were a million other things I should have been doing and wasn't. But, I can do them tomorrow. Maggie sat with me on the couch and watch my Sim mother (Kitty Larue) kick out baby after baby. I have 8 people in my house now, which is the maximum. We even watched Grandma Yumi get married to her chinese boyfriend, but his family couldn't come from China b/c there were too many other people in the house. It wouldn't let me move Yumi to China, which would have been good b/c she and Kitty are enemies and fight all the time. Yumi is her mother in law. I have one teenager, Sam, who keeps staying out after curfew. His dad is always asleep, so Kitty, his step mother, has to deal with him...makes her very unpopular. I also have one girl named Fluffy, who is a pretty good kid. Then she has twin sisters named Daisy and Shyla (these are all cat names...except for Sam, he was already named) Daisy and Shyla didn't get the attention they needed as toddlers and they have grown up badly. This could prove interesting over time. If they grow up well, I get to pick their traits, if they grow up badly the game picks one or both traits. I didn't teach Daisy and Shyla to walk before the aged, so they turned out badly. Then Kitty had two baby boys named Berlioz and Slipper (again, both names of cats I have owned) Since they are the only small children in the house, they have half a chance of being decent kids.

I also spent time adding onto the house and building a basement under the house so they could have more room for parties. This pretty much took all day...a lovely way to waste a rainy day.

Tomorrow am I can sleep late as I have no appointments in the morning except for going to feed Joe Bear. It's supposed to be a nice day, but I'm sure the ground will be soupy after the rain today.

No sims for me tomorrow though. Can't allow myself to lose another day like that.

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