Thursday, March 4, 2010

Scooby guarding the house

Scooby will be home to violate anyone who comes near our house for the next two days. I'm sure he will do a good job. He will be very happy to take out strangers...and he will be happy that Frankie will be camping and out of his hair.

i took Scooby to the vet thinking he might be suffering from an ailment. $150 later, I found out that he's just old and grouchy, which leads me to wonder what the step will be for him. If he continues to growl at Frankie, and fight with him, he may not be long for this world. Added to the aggression he has started marking the house every time we turn our backs, which make him marked for certain death if he keeps it up...either that or keeping him always outside so he can get the bad guys...and the meter reader.

This weekend Maggie and I have our first CTR of 2010...well, I guess technically it's the 2nd, but the first one of 2010 was actually in December of 2009, so it gets a bit confusing. Peter is the photographer for the ride and Maggie and I are competing. The weather is supposed to be gorgeous so it should be a fun weekend for all of us.

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