Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bad storms and hail

We had another night of bad storms here last night. Since it was Wednesday night and I had to be in Springtown early today, I went to bed early, only to be awakened at 1am, 3am, and then permanently about 4am when it began to rain inside our house, specifically over my bed and dripping on my face. Fortunately, upon inspection, the damage looks minor but since we just had that part of the roof retarred last year I am urging Peter to call the roofer back to repair the damage.

Maggie and I are still on to begin our drive to Missouri this evening. We are going to drive to Denison and overnight with a nice Natrc'r named Gina, who will put up Joe Bear for the night and let us sleep in her lq trailer overnight. It will get us out of the city and a little further down the road, plus we won't have fight early morning traffic going across town. All our clothes are packed and since the weather is tricky we had to pack extra.

So far Maggie is taking the loss of Joe Bear well. She knows he'll have an easier life and she's really too big for him. She can still ride him when she's the grandparents and maybe, with Joe in Columbia, my niece and nephews can give the pony thing a try. I know Jan will let them see him if they want to. (as an aside, i still fantasize about getting my niece and nephews to TX some summer to ride. I want to be the fun Aunt)

maggie had one last ride on Joe Sunday and it was fn at the barn but not on the trail. As soon as he knew he was headed home he was a poophead and jigged all the way home. She's not going to miss that about him and he's not likely to have to travel much...both of which should make him happy.

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