Monday, April 21, 2008

Practical exercise/Day 315

Today I was going to get up and walk before getting busy with my day. I didn’t make it to walk, but I got plenty of exercise! I went to the field and fed the horses and cleaned out and arranged the trailer. Then I came home and moved paving stones from my garage to my truck so I could have a place to park my trailer that will hopefully keep me from getting stuck. Of course, at that point I needed a shower, but I also realized that I had had plenty of exercise. I got to duplicate my efforts this evenings when I moved the stones out of the truck into the field to make a pad for my trailer.

I found out I can get rock delivered for $195, but then I have to find someone to move it around and smooth it out. At the moment it doesn’t look like Cat has the cash to split it with me, but I know I’ll be pissed if I can’t get out of there to go to a ride b/c my trailer is stuck…so I figure I’d better figure it out quick. There is a ride next weekend…I think tomorrow I will call the man back and see if there a smaller rock that we can put down that will be spreadable by the concrete truck.

In horsey news…everyone is moved and happy in their new home. Dixie melded into my gelding herd; Deli is pissed that she is alone and isn’t eating her grain, but she has plenty of grass; Merlin is sort of calmly hanging out by himself. All seem to respect the electric fence. I hope to ride later this week, but they are saying it’s going to rain.

Today Deli had a bit of a bag in the am, but I don't think she's near ready to foal yet. I'm a little concerned b/c she's not eating her grain, but she is drinking the water and eating grass so I'm not too worried about her. She's just jealous that everyone has gone out to play except her.

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