Sunday, April 20, 2008

Horses doing fine

This morning we went to church with Alexa and enjoyed it very much. The gospel reading and the sermon was based on John 14. That was one of the first passages I ever learned as a youngster and I remember most of it still to this day.

We helped Alexa take her car to the shop and then hijacked her to go to the field and see our horses. She's not a horse person, so we didn't stay long. I fed everyone, only the mare doesn't want to eat much. She is eating grass and seems like she feels ok, but Deli isn't eating any grain at all. She may not be hungry b/c there is hay and some grass. It won't last long...the field is a lot wetter underneath than it looked with all the vegetation on top. some of the wet places that we found initially have dried up already which is good. Tomorrow I'm going to try to move my horse trailer to the place I really wanted to park it if it's dryer. Cat is bringing her trailer and horses tomorrow too so we have to figure out how everything will be parked and lined up. I already decided that I don't like where I parked b/c if it's wet, it will make it harder to get out...but that said, I'm not sure I should try to move it just yet. I can see that I'm going to be making trips to the gravel yard to get gravel for the area. It's going to be hot/hard work with my truck and a scoop shovel, but eventually it won't be quite so wet. I thought I'd have someone to bring me rock, but they aren't responding to my calls. I told Maggie we may be going to the gravel yard to bring the stuff in if we want to get out for the supreme trail challenge next Sat.! Already the field is a bit dryer, but after getting so stuck yesterday, I'm nervous to drive in there much.

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