Sunday, April 27, 2008

Equine Touch

I had the pleasure of taking a class called Equine Touch this weekend. I signed up for it thinking it was a type of massage therapy but it's so not. It's also not an energy modality like acupuncture or acupressure.

I loved it so much that i agreed to host another clinic in august at the same location in Aledo, TX at Iron Star Farm. Jennifer, the owner of the farm is going to be the site host, but now I have to find at least 2 more people to do the course. Anna Zimmerman, my friend Betsy's daughter, will be going to the clinic too.

I'm really excited about everything I learned and I can't even begin to explain what the weekend meant to me. I think that this technique may be my missing link between the equine and the people massage (even though it's not really massage) b/c it will be so easy to work on people and horses. I know that I am still processing everything I learned.

When I worked on one horse today, he almost fell over, asleep in the barn aisle. His owner said that he was a very tense horse and never relaxed, but after I had done some releases on his hindquarters, he suddenly got sleepy. He wasn't able to lock his knees and he was all of a sudden overwhelmed. His owner said he is usually really hyper and he was almost on his knees dozing. He was processing something and it was really amazing to see. This technique helps their bodies to process and find balance.

Tomorrow begins another week. I have a busy one ahead.

I did get email back from wasn't very positive and I'm disappointed. I'm not going to talk to her about it anymore. It won't do me any good, so I won't argue with her. It would be nice to let it mend and go on.

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