Saturday, April 19, 2008

To Missouri and Back quickly

I didn't realize that I hadnt' blogged since April 10. I have been so incredibly busy that time just got away from me.

After the hail storms the other night, we have to have a new roof. The adjustor has been out and we already have "our guy" on it. He was supposed to start working on it this weekend but he couldn't get his materials until Monday afternoon b/c everyone needs new roofs evidently. we had another storm on Thursday this past week and we had some leaking again, but Gilbert had done a great job of patching up the important leak above my bed.

Last weekend we took Joe Bear to Missouri to live with our friends Jan and Stan Elmore. My parents were friends with the Elmores in college and their son Drew is about 9 days younger than me. Joe Bear is for his kids and his younger sister's kids. So, Joe has 4 grand kids to mentor in his golden years. Poor Joe didn't like their donkey much, but he's adapting. He has kids to pay attention to him and Jan has been giving him lots of attention too.

Today we moved the horses to their new field. It's a nice field. Unfortunately, I got stuck in the mud while I was driving through the field to put my hay away and ended up having to have Cat's boyfriend, Troy, haul me out. I was really grateful for his help. Unfortunately again, he got stuck and discovered that his four wheel drive had not been rehooked up when he has transmission replaced a few weeks ago and he got stuck too. So he had to have a tow truck wench him out. It took two hours to get that done.

The horses really liked their new field. They ran around and ate, and wouldn't let us catch them for the longest time. Surprisingly, Freeley let us catch him first. We carried some grain and he came into the area with the water trough so that I could show him where to drink. He had his dinner and then wandered back out to the field with Liberty. I kept Deli up so she could get used to her own area. She was peeing a lot and I worried that she might leave me an unexpected prezzie.

Then we got home and Peter and Maggie played a game they like called sam and max and I have been answering emails and sporadically blogging through the night.

We are going to church with alexa tomorrow so I will be going to bed in a minute. I'm really tired.

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