Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Diet sabotage...

I have been sabotaging myself the last 3 weeks. I have eaten food off my plan and I haven't been sorry...but now I have to weigh in tomorrow and I'm very sorry. I may be looking at a weight gain tomorrow instead of a loss. I have to find my original motivation again. It's not that I"m not motivated...it's that I have let a few minor and normal indiscretions blow into a string of bad eating. This weekend there were two potlucks and a lot of sweets and I didn't say no. I have to learn to say no if I'm going to be thin.

So, tomorrow, I go in and weigh (or I put it off two days and really watch what I eat and be careful) and I start over as though every day is the first day. Now I have to go through the pain of getting off sweets again. GRRR. Why are we human's so stupid sometimes?

Still feeling melancholy over friendships, but that will pass. I have so much sewing and embroidery to do for Christmas, I shouldn't have too much time to think on it.

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