Monday, November 16, 2009

Quiet Monday

Maggie and I took it easy today. We had a long weekend and were pretty tired, so we slept in and then did low impact school work. I got chores done around the house and Maggie did schoolwork. My checks that I have been waiting for are finally getting here...though not the big one I really need. But, hey, I figured they will show up eventually. All bills will get paid!

I've been feeling down the last week or so. A friendship that has been close to me for several years seems to be fading away. I'm feeling a little blue for missing having a good girlfriend to hang out with. It could be just a phase of the friendship, but I suspect that lack of proximity and shared interests have done us in. It's not that we won't be friends, but we no longer talk daily or share personal things. I call and she doesn't answer, or doesn't call me back. When I try to make plans, she's always busy or can't afford to go. It just makes me sad.

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