Monday, November 9, 2009

The past weekend

I spent the weekend indoors. Which is crazy b/c the weather was beautiful. I had projects to work on and I enjoyed that. I watched more TV than I normally watch in a month, but I enjoyed myself. I caught up all the Castle's that had been on my DVR. Cute show. I had thought Maggie and I would ride yesterday, but Alexa invited her to go to Wichita Falls for a couple days, so I agreed and off they went. I also thought my hay was going to come yesterday, but that didn't happen either. I'm alone today, with a long list of things that need to be finished, but not really sure where to start.

I am planning to get my workout routine back under control this week. I have been very negligent about exercise lately and now it's time to pick it up back up again.

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Tammy in TX said...

That actor that plays Castle is HOT! LOL