Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sweet, Muddy Pony

Maggie and I were gone to a ride at Teresa's this weekend. We had a great time. I got to judge and she competed on Dixie.(I was one of six judges, so whatever score I gave her didn't take up 1/15 of her overall score) I didn't take Liberty as I felt like he could use a break after all his hard competition this year (Ok, well, Novice isn't that hard, but he's been traveling a lot) When we caught Dixie to leave on Friday, he seemed a little confused why he wasn't going. I guess he, Joe and Fiera had a good enough weekend together. When we got back today Joe was standing by his bucket, by the fence waiting to be fed. He's a muddy mess! I doubt we'll get him cleaned up till spring.

Maggie enjoyed riding and I enjoyed judging. She placed 3rd out of 4 in her class and Dixie was really well behaved. We stayed over after the ride to hang out with our favorite horse buddies, most of whom we don't get to spend enough time with. We had supper and took a night ride up in the hills by Teresa's house. I rode Freeley and he was pretty good, but I had forgotten how big and forward he is. He was really chugging along and not always watching where he went. A couple times he made me kind of nervous charging down this hills, but I loved his big walk. I had forgotten how big and quick he is. We got to sleep in Teresa's cabins on beds and we had a shower to use. It was very luxurious camping.

Alanna is going to be putting on an STC at this location next summer. Since I'm trying to keep my traveling down to shorter distances from home next year, I know this is one ride we'll be attending. It will be June 12.
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