Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Busy, good day

I had a good Medifast day today after my earlier blog. I ate only what I was supposed to with the exception of sharing some dessert at a local restaurant with Peter tonight. I ate fish with veggies and skipped the mashed potatoes. I weigh 2.5 less pounds than I did this AM, which means that I have a ton of water weight hanging around. I don't weigh in till Thursday this week, so I'm hoping that one more good day will at least leave me even from last week...counter acting the holiday.

I have made my plan about the weekend. I'm going to order up the dinner, and the two lunches, skipping the breakfast for my shakes. I'm going to be hungry when I come in off the trail, so I feel like the soup and salad lunch will be just the ticket. I'm planning to buy a box of the "green" bars this week, which have a few more calories in them and have ready made shakes and easily eaten snacks to take on the trail. Now that I have a plan, it will be much easier to stick with it.

For the potluck, I'm either going to make some apple bread (or Maggie will) and/or sweet potato casserole (b/c I have a ton of sweet potatoes in my cupboard and I'm really not supposed to eat them) but I also think I'll bring a jug of red wine to share with my friends. I might be feeling like bringing two...not sure. I always want a beer when I come off the trail, so I'm going to buy a six pack of beer and take two...one for each day. If I take more, I will just eat them. Of course, Peter did buy me a new bottle of brandy, so Maggie and I could go nuts and make a bread pudding instead of anything I have mentioned...I'm wondering if you can make pumpkin bread pudding, or sweet potato bread pudding...the possibilities are endless.

I still need to pack for the trip the rest of the way. I have been gathering my clothes and packing the various things I will need. Since I have the platform in the back of the suburban now I will have to reinvent how I pack.

I have packed our suitcase

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