Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Medifast Update

I realized that I was doing better eating right when I blogged each day about my progress, or lack thereof. The last month hasn't been so hot. I have my weigh in and measurements tomorrow and I have no idea how it will go. I have lost something every week, but nothing close to what I was losing before. I have to seriously get back on track to make my February deadline.

This weekend will be my first open ride in NATRC. That is not a problem in itself. The problem lies in that they are serving yummy food all weekend! I'm planning to buy dinner on Friday, eat the potluck on Saturday (but I'm bringing my own salad in case there aren't enough veggies) and I'm going to eat the soup lunch on Sunday. Maggie and I may stay over till Monday am, so I will have to plan dinner for her. I hope/plan to stay on my diet as much as possible. I'm allowed to have an extra shake if I get hungry and I"m going to get some bars which are a little more filling to take on the trail. I'm going to keep my eating plan up as much as possible. I figure I'll bring extra green with me so that if I get really hungry I can eat pickles or something. I might even eat my salad back at the trailer before supper, or wait till the end of the line while eating my salad, so that I won't be so hungry...of course, my usual strategy is to get in line first, so I can get the veggies I need in my diet.

At first, a little cheating wasn't the end of the world, but I"m slipping. By slipping, I'm not learning the proper way to conduct myself outside of my medifast world, so it has to stop NOW.

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