Friday, December 11, 2009

New food favorite

Today has been a hard and hungry day for me. I confess, I have been limiting any yummy goodies in my house b/c I don't need to cheat and the rest of my family doesn't need the extra goodies either. We always have fruits and veggies in the house, but since I'm working to get back into a better fat burning state, I can't have any fruit. My diet is consisting of Medifast foods and my veggies and meat each day.

One decision I decided today was to begin to split my lean and green meal into two meals, so I can have 3 oz of lean meat twice (or 4 oz if I'm eating fish). It really helped me in the middle of the afternoon when it wasn't really snack time and wasn't meal time either.

I have discovered I really like kale. I like to toss it in olive oil, taco season, garlic powder and some pepper. Then I bake it in the oven till it gets chips. Maggie likes it too.

It's very grey today. Maggie and I are working on schoolwork and some sewing.

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