Sunday, December 20, 2009

Rearranging complete

I finally got the rearranging done and the rooms put back together. I got rid of some fabric (donating it to Meals on Wheels for their folks to sew), the bookshelf it was on and three bags of various trash. We still have entirely too much stuff in our midst, but it's a start. I have put back the dining area and will get a table eventually. As long as we live here, we'll never have an uncluttered existence. Not enough space.

I'm all cleaned out. I'm hoping to get Peter and Maggie to finish the middle room and their own rooms cleaned up. My cold has just made me feel too crummy to work anymore today.

I have been watching Dr. Zhivago on Turner Movie Classics. They are doing all epics today. I haven't seen this before all the way through. It's been good.

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